High Degree story

High Degree was founded in 2002.  As a company who aspire to bring very best golf trolley to every golf course, we have established solid partnership with top distributors over 20 countries.
Innovation is the motivation we move forward, quality is the sword we conquer the market, service is the base we earn trust. With so many years’ effort, we’ve created ultra-light electric titanium trolley 701, super robust stainless steel electric golf trolley 314 and 316 series, High-cost performance ratio aluminum electric trolley 304 and 301 series, stunning friendly using experience remote aluminum trolley 303 series. Furthermore, lots of awesome projects are under development, such as intelligent follow trolley and mysterious design carbon trolley.
All of our products are designed and engineered by our CEO Miller Lee, whose major is industrial design, after several years’ study, he is also skilled in electronics and materials. As an “old man” in Golf trolley business, also indicated from his grey hair at early age, he is immersed in the pleasure of making a better trolley, and no doubt it is not one easy thing. We have to control every process, from raw materials into the factory to complete trolleys out to the destination. We must be sure every trolley at customer’s hand is a perfect trolley and we are honored for your choice of High Degree products!