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PC016 is our latest manual trolley, which is one of our flagship hand-push manual trolleys. It adopts straight-line design and slim design

The whole structure is made of stainless steel which does not only enables a strong structure but also reveals a compact and luxurious feature. 

The PC004 has a foot brake itself and it is very efficient and easy to use. Even on a slope, it can be parked easily and firmly, which brings much convenience to users. 

High Degree PC004 adopts the plug-in system itself which means it can be disassembled into parts by using this proven system. 

This product's innovative design enables an ultra-compact packing size when dismantled, which means the trolley fits in almost every boot when dismantled. It can be easily carried with a travel bag. 


-Stainless steel material enables the compact structure. 

-Harmonization design combines with smooth surface, which reveals luxury. 

-Easy foot brake lets you have the field to yourself on the golf course. 

-Detachable structure makes space-save and fast disassembly possible. 

-Portable travel bag brings much convenience to transportation for your every golf tour. 

-Optional accessories bring your trolley more functions. 

-Optional color and surface process techniques. 

Dimensions of Cartons: 65*33*19 cm